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It was a sunny and calm afternoon.I went to Intel together with Team Flantech TMC members….It was still early,thus we took a few pictures first.

From left: TM Chen,TM Looi,Team Flantech TMC President Chiam,TM Teoh

IPG1 Toastmasters Club VPM,Fiona and President,Chai Wen

My President and I ..We look like couple right? Just joking….(later she smack me!)

Terence preparing himself…

DTM Joan Chan with me….=] Dont be jeolous okie?

Clubs with 4 attendance and above (received District 51 Pin)


See ya all there!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

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Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

Since Chinese New Year is around the corner,we decided to have a potluck meeting at our usual room m17 of PTPL College on 17th of January. Although everyone was looking so sleepy at 1st BUT soon everyone was energetic and getting ready to speak.

Toastmaster Of The Day for our meeting is none other than our Immediate Past Area N1 Governor,CC,AlB Andrew Low. He started the meeting on time and conducted a sharing session on “How and why should we be looking forward to CNY?” This made us ponder for a while…Nevertheless,everyone shared their opinions and thus….The ice was broken…

Toastmasters meeting is never perfect without our distinguished guest….!!
1.CC,CL Sazlina ,Seagate TMC
2.CC,ALB Chia Harng,Farlim TMC
3.CC Jason Wong,Team Flantech TMC
4.DTM Joan Chan,YMCA TMC

Once our mouth is warmed,we started with the 1st assignment speaker who none other than me myself ^_^ I was attempting my Competent Communicator Project 8…..My evaluator is Chia Harng….I spoke on the topic “Blood is Thicker than Water” I mentioned about “how and why is it so important to have a good family relationship around you.”

The next speaker was ACB,CL Terence Lee. He was attempting his Advanced Communicator Silver Project 5. His speech evaluator was DTM Joan Chan.His speech purpose was to persuade a group of employees (all in attendance) to accept his views and opinions. We were in a scenario where we are the employees of the company and he was the advisor incharge to advise us to spend extra 2 hours everyday after work just to attend a workshop free of charge.However the question came in between COMMITMENT TO THE COMPANY or COMMITMENT TO ONESELF….The audience asked questions about unavailability and other reasonable reasons.He put it in a subtle way that the audience would be feeling warm because the company cared for their welfare.

Then we had a 15 minutes break so that some of us can attend to the food…hehe

After a break session full of fellowship and food(yummy!),we continue with our next activity which is Table Topics Session.The Table Topic Master is our club President,TM Oh Chai Wen….She made the session looked more interesting by playing CNY songs….While she was playing the song,a red angpao packet would be passed around.The person holding the angpao packet when the song stopped would have to volunteer him/herself to speak impromptu speech.

Without notice,the entertaining session on table topics was concluded so fast,we gave a surprise to another of our member ACB,ALB Kenneth Gan who just celebrated his birthday recently.We sang and cheer for him…HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNETH!

The last part was the most educational part which was the evaluations…CC,CLB Tan Chia Harng provided such an in detailed evaluation about my speech….Thanks! followed by DTM Joan Chan on Terence’s speech. She gave a constructive yet encouraging evaluation approach for Terence and this certaintly tought us to gain some good points on how to evaluate better…Thanks to DTM Joan too….
The meeting has came to an end….See you all next meeting and thanks for coming!!

First Meeting of The Year ~!!

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Today is our 1st meeting of the year.Gosh!! welcome to year 2009!!!!!!
Although our attendance is poor due to the fact that some of us are away due to personal reasons….Nevertheless the meeting must go on!How greatful we are as we got a surpise when our Immediate Past Area N1 Governor,Andrew Low was present to assist us. We did not have assignment speeches but we had an entertaining+ solid table topics session….Everyone volunteered to speak.

Moreover,we shared about our resolutions for this year and also for the club. It is certaintly worthwhile to attend an IPG1 Toastmasters meeting…^_^

Welcome to this Blog!!!!!

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Hey IPG1 Toastmasters members and also others,welcome to this blog….This blog will report about our Toastmasters activities whole year round…
You can visit our website at

Both will be updated frequently….stay tuned!!!!!