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21st February 2009

10AM morning

Venue : PTPL College M5

Attendance of VIP :

Area Governors – N3 June Lim, N4 Ang Eng Chai, N2 SK Khor, Asst Area Governor N6 Sazlina

Chief judge : June Lim


International Speech :

Terence Lee

Kenneth Gan

Table Topics Contest:

Terence Lee

Kenneth Gan

Pung Qing Yong

Samson Wong

Result : Terence Lee Double Champion

Kenneth Gan Double First runner up.


It is a bright sunny day. Our contest start on time at 10a.m. with the opening speech from our Club President/Contest Organizing Chair person – TM Oh Chai Wen. A warm welcoming was extended to our guests from PTPL College, Seagate Toastmasters Club, Intel Kulim Toastmasters Club, Intel Malaysia Toastmasters Club and YMCA Toastmasters Club.

After the brief yet meaningful introduction and welcoming speech from our club President TM Oh Chai Wen, the control was passed to Handsome Contest Chair for International Speech Contest – Soon Suang Woo CC, CL.

The contest begin with the First International Speech Contestant- Kenneth Gan with the title of his Speech “ Be the Light”. He is sharing on the Idea of how to be the light of your family, friends and the social network that you are in. He urges everyone to make yourself available to offer your help to the one in need. It is such an inspiring speech from Kenneth Gan.

Next up is our second Contestant –Terence Lee with the speech title of “ Greatness Within”. He start up the speech with a song “Flying without Wings”. He pointed out that in order to be some one that achieve great thing and achieve the impossible, one must be positive and believe in himself that he is able to achieve greatness. He ended the speech with his favorite quotation “ The positive thinker see the invisible, Feel the intangible and achieve the impossible”.

15 Minutes time break was given to all the contestants and guests for a light refreshment. There was a nice fellowship between Toastmasters members from varies club. The atmosphere is very friendly and every one dwells with it.

The second part of the day start with the speech from our Pretty contest Chair person- TM Fiona Lam. Table Topics Contest start with First contestant Kenneth Gan follow by Pung Qing Yong ,Terence Lee and Samson Wong.

The Topic for Table Topics contest Is “ Sharing is Caring” which was prepared by our Chief Judge June Lim. There are 3 different topics in 3 envelops and Our contest chair Fiona pick up this challenging topic.

First Contestant Kenneth Gan shared on the idea of “ Love to many” as this world need to have Love and we need to share it across the nation, race and background.

Second Contestant Qing Yong shared that Sharing is Caring as it is an act to show that we care for our love one.

Third Contestant Terence Lee shared that Sharing is not caring unless it is start from the bottom of our heart. We need to be sincere when we share or give than only it is consider as caring.

Last Contestant Samson Wong shared that there are many things we can share and yet some we cannot share. It was a humorous speech by Samson Wong that leaves everyone a smile on their face.

The Event was held successfully with all the helps and effort from Organizing Team, Contestants as well as guests. The result announced that Terence Lee ended up with Double Champion in both International Speech and Table Topics Contest where Kenneth Gan ended up with Double First Runner-up in both International Speech and Table Topics Contest. Well done to all the contestants as everyone on that day is a winner.

The contest ended at 12 pm and everyone go home with a joyful soul after witness the speakers from IPG1 Toastmasters club do their best in the contest.

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