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Let’s Go Back To School!!

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I would like to invite you all especially PTPL College students to attend our very next meeting on the 11th of April



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Are you all gear UP for Division N International Speech & Table Topics Contest?

Agenda for the meeting

Another GREAT meeting has gone by. IPG1 Toastmasters Club had a meeting on yesterday and it was great!! I have been assigned to take the role as General Evaluator and to be honest,it was another memorable meeting. The atmosphere in the meeting room itself didn’t reflect it as yet another “boring Toastmaster Meeting”, in fact the room was filled with fun and laughter. Despite the age gap differences among the Toastmasters themselves, everyone including our special guests from PTPL college and our well-respected Toastmasters members from other clubs, had a great time together.

Traditionally, everyone greeted one another before our meeting kick start. The theme for our meeting was Earth Hour in conjunction with the Earth Day occurring on 28th March 2009. We started it off by Word of the day presented by Jocelyn. The Word of the day was “Scrumptious” and it means a delicious meal. Next up was Thought of the Day presented by our very own Lovely President Chai Wen.

From left:Suang Woo,Fiona,June Lim,Heng Wei

From left:Song Sen,Wan Ki,Pei Khoon,Xinyi,Kenneth

Toastmaster of the Day,Suang Woo reemphasize on the Thought of the Day

From left:Terence Lee,Jasmine,Ee Ling

From Left:Sherleen,Soo Huey,Jason Wong

That was just the beginning of our wonderful day. The main course is yet to come. We were honoured to have invited a fantastic speaker Soo Huey (Clara) from Achievers Toastmasters Club to do her assignment at our club. She had demonstrated her skills as being a top speaker and everyone managed to learn a thing or two from her. Next up, it was our very own Pop Princess Fiona Lam to demonstrate her speech. Judging from her performances, she has improved significantly. Another notable speaker was our Lovely Chai Wen. She had fully utilized all the skills that she’s learnt throughout the Competent Communicator manual. It was very impressive after all.

Fiona with her speech title:Before It Is Too Late

Chai Wen with her speech title:Let’s Save Our Environment

Before we stop for a break, we have another great speaker. He is one of our very own IPG1 Toastmasters Club members, whom have prospered so well into the world of Toastmasters, Terence Lee. He shared his idea to all the audiences on how to be a good speaker, and provide ideas to all, yes he did. It was a fantastic speech it was and it was full of motivation in the speech. I believe that it has touched our guests’ heart..

Tze Wei and June Lim taking picture during break

Jason Wong explained about the 9’R for Table Topics Session

We’ve moved on to Table Topics Speech after the break where we were served with some local delicacies. The Table Topics Master was Jason from Team Flantech Toastmasters Club.This is a great session whereby everyone gets involved in it including our guests who bravely volunteered themselves to do the Table Topic Speech. Jason had done it again, he came out with an idea whereby we shouldn’t be restricted to only 3Rs, and in fact he has recommended the new 9Rs to us. Our guest has even come out with her very own R which was Reduce and with the Courage to Conquer her fear, she bravely walked to the stage and presented her speech. The following 9 Rs are as follow:

1. Re-think
2. Re-educate
3. Re-act
4. Re-cycle
5. Re-use
6. Re-plant
7. Re-inenforce
8. Re-invent
9. Re-generate

Terence Lee with his evaluation

Ee Ling with her evaluation

During our last session, we were glad to have good and positive evaluations given by our experience evaluators to the speakers. With the great response received, the speakers were all motivated to do their speeches in the next meeting. As a General Evaluator for that day, I was proud and ecstatic to see such great involvement among the current Toastmasters and our guests. We’re all encouraging the guests together and we ensure to continue to pour our support to them.

Overall, the speeches given by all the speakers were relevant to our Theme of the day. The messages conveyed by our speakers were vivid as we must all stand hand in hand to fight for mother earth so our mother earth could regenerate itself. It was a perfect meeting as we welcome back our Area Governor,Ee Ling and will certainly hope to see more of her and our pioneer members like “O” chiaun Seong Yee, Joker Shan Tatt, the know-it-all Andrew, as well as Crazy Kooi Ting.

By General Evaluator
Kenneth Gan,ACB,ALB
-21st March 2009-

Thanks For The Great Time

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Today we had a great meeting at IPG1 Toastmasters Club.Great response from the members and guests…Do you want to know why?
Stay tuned to find out =]

Promotion For New Members

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Dear fellow friends,

Currently,IPG1 Toastmasters Club is having membership campaign.Thus we will be giving the 1st 5 new members a discount of 10% for starter kit and half annum membership.If you want to enquire and know about this promotion and Toastmasters International.Do feel free to attend our meeting tomorrow at 10am at Room M11…Entrance fee is free of charge…

We will be having 2 IPG1 Toastmasters members that will contest

1.Terence Lee Choon Tatt will be representing Area N1 in International SpeecH & Table Topics Contest

2.Kenneth Gan will be representing Area N6 in Table Topics Contest

IPG1 Toastmasters Club members will be there to support both of them
We shall wish them good luck and all the best!!