Division N International Speech & Table Topics Contest

Posted: April 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Division N International Speech & Table Topics Contest was held on 28th of March at Disted College,Penang.I was so excited because this was the first time I attended a division level contest. I reached early due to the fact that I was part of the organizing committee thus we need to be there early to provide some help. As we drew nearer to the starting time, the crowd grew larger. The estimated crowd was 194 including contestants, judges, organizing committee and guests from both Division N and S.Some of the notable figures among the crowd were District 51 LGM CC,CLThannimalai,District 51 PRO DTM Clement Pang,Assistant Division N Governor CC,ALS Koay Kah Hin,Division N Treasurer & Secretary CC,ALB Sutharat ,Division S Governor DTM Tan Chia Lih, and Accredited Speaker, DTM “Papa” Gerald Green,I could see everyone was eager to witness the battle of the best of Division N in the Theatre of Dream.IPG1 Toastmasters Club has 2 members contesting who are Terence Lee and Kenneth Gan.

Sharp at 1.30pm,the Toastmaster of the Day,Ang Eng Chai, started the ball rolling by doing the roll call of Toastmasters club’s representatives in the crowd.Finally,
The Organising Chair, Little Tiny Penny, brought the crowd into laughter with her heartwarming humourous speech.The opening gambit was presented showing all the contestants for a brief 5 minutes.The contestants’ name list is as below

International Speech Contest
1.Terence Lee
3.Palaniappa Subramaniam
5.Ong Swee Keat
7.Kee Eng Hai

Table Topics Contest
1.Palaniappa Subramaniam
4.Terence Lee
5.Ong Swee Keat
6.Kenneth Gan

The International Speech Contest Chair was CC,CL Ng Soo Kheong .7 entertaining and inspiring speeches was presented by all International Speech Contest contestants and a short break was given so that everyone can mingle and have fellowship around.Then the exciting Table Topics Contest commenced shortly after that.The Table Topics Contest Chair was District Assistant Webmaster,CC,Parthiban. The title that we were waiting for was finally revealed.The title was “Albert Einstein had mentioned that imagination is more important that knowledge.What do you say? “ When I heard that question, plenty of ideas were running in my mind because it is definitely a simple yet challenging question.
After all 7 Table Topics Contest contestants had delivered their speeches; the contest has come to an end.

A recognition session by the Division N Council was conducted to recognize the achievement by Division N members that achieved educational goals. We had a few members going up to receive our award

1. Hong Tze Wei for Competent Communicator
2. Lee Seng How for Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator Bronze
3. Soon Suang Woo for Competent Leader
4. Kenneth Gan for Advanced Leader Bronze
5. Terence Lee for Advanced Communicator Bronze and Competent Leader

The results of Division N International Speech and Table Topics Contest were as below

International Speech Contest
Champion: Ong Swee Keat
1st Runner Up : Palaniappa
2nd Runner Up:Shankar

Table Topics Contest
1st Runner Up:Ong Swee Keat
2nd Runner Up:Shankar

Congratulations to all the Winners! For those that did not win, it is alright because you all are already Champion for having the Courage To Conquer your fear to deliver your speech.

Congratulations to all the Organising Commitees especially Organising Chair ,Penny Ooi for such a successful event.

Congratulations to all the audience because you all made the effort and sacrifice your Saturday afternoon to not only give moral support to the contestants but also learn.

This event definitely inspired me to be a better Toastmasters and I am proud to be a Toastmaster


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