Let’s Go Back To School!!-11th of April 2009

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It was raining cats and dogs.Before the meeting start,I was so worried that the meeting wont go on due to the weather but I was glad because the meeting did started on time. I was the Toastmaster of the Day.As usual,I gave the opportunity to everyone to “warm up” by introducing themselves and sharing their sweet,sad or even embarrassing moments during theirs school lives.As an element of surprise,more and more guests arrived to join in the crowd.I was so please that although it was raining,they took the initiative to learn something. Everyone was so engrossed in sharing their experiences that it seems that we were drifted back in time to our great old days.

We had Jasmine Tan to briefly introduce the Word of The Day which was “remarkable” and also ACB,CL Terence Lee to share the Thought of the Day which was “ I lose the ability to fly,So I learn how to walk” by W.Mitchel. The co evaluators were introduced briefly

Jasmine Tan explaining the Word Of The Day

Terence Lee sharing Thought of the Day

After that we had our first assignment speaker who was none other than our own IPG1 Toastmasters Club Ambassador,TM Fiona Lam attempting CC p5 with her speech title “Shopaholic”.Basically she compared her life with the girl in the movie “ Confessions of a Shopaholic”.She related stories about how people especially women spend just on shopping alone without second thought.

Next we had our IPG1 TMC president,TM Oh Chai Wen to present her final speech in the Competent Communicator Manual.Her speech “ I Can Do It.Why You Cant?” contained true story about herself as a weakling in language during her secondary school time.But she had the desire to be someone different and she had the goal of being an “Iron Lady”.She shows her transition from a weakling to Iron Lady by not only through hardship of life but also through Toastmasters.Toastmasters had help her so much in being a more positive minded and charismatic person.I was definitely inspired by her speech. By the looking at the attentiveness of the crowd,you already can guess how powerful was her speech.

ACB,CL Terence Lee was our last assignment speaker who was attempting his ACS p7. He was to deliver a speech in a situation where he was to share his hardship after receiving an award.He told us in a way that no one can achieve something great without a helping hand behind them.We were kept in suspens about who was the “mysterious “ person backing him up all the time. Eventually he revealed that that person was someone precious to him which was none other than his girlfriend.His achievement means nothing if it cannot be shared by others.I totally agreed with him.

Fiona Lam delivering her CC p4

Oh Chai Wen delivering her CC p10

Audience listening attentively

Terence Lee delivering his ACS p7

Table topics session came in next and Table Topic Master,ACB Jason Wong did a great job by indirectly inviting the guests to speak infront of the audience.The response was so well that most of the speakers were guests.All of them shared lots of experiences and also impact to their lives.We had a short 5 minutes break to mingle around.

Jason Wong as Table Topic Master

Ken,a guest attempting impromptu speech

Suren,a guest attempting impromptu speech

Seong Yee,our “MIA” member delivering impromptu speech

Everyone posing for shots!

Our evaluation session was great with good evaluation from 4 members

Fiona Lam with her Table Topics evaluation

Jason Wong evaluationg Fiona Lam & Terence Lee

Derek Lee evaluating Chai Wen

Terence Lee giving general evaluation

It was a great day because we have a new member who was Jasmine Tan.She was inducted on the spot .WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!

Jasmine Tan inducted as new member

Suren voted the best table topic speaker

Thank you very much to attend the meeting especially distinguished members from other Toastmasters Club.

Tze Wei thanking everyone for coming ^^


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