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Word of the Day: Relax
Thought Of the Day: It is alright to relax but do not let it overpower you

Word of The Day:Appreciate
Thought of The Day:Journey of a hundred miles start with….

VIP Guest List
ACB Derek Lee (Team Flantech TMC)
Chi Min
Tm Joo Jon (Midvalley TMC)

Tan Leong Shen doing his CC P1 speech

Fiona Lam doing her CC P5 Speech

Terence elaborating on his educational speech

Joo Jon attempting table topics

Howard attempting table topics

Alex attempting table topics

Shaun attempting table topics

XinYi attempting table topics

Audience listening

Fiona with Table Topics evaluation

Derek Lee with assignment evaluation

Terence with General Evaluation + Induction

Shaun receiving best table topics speaker certificate from Table Topics Master Jasmine