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Jason explaining Word of The Day

Lee Tjun Ken attempting his CC p1

Howard Chin attempting his CC p3

Jason Wong speaking about men and women in his ACS p7

Jasmine as Table Topics Master

Jason attempting table topic

Terence evaluating table topics speakers

Suang Woo as assignment evaluator

Tze Wei as assignment evaluator

Terence as assignment evaluator

Lee Tjun Ken was inducted as new member

Chai Wen giving out her general evaluation

Word of the Day: Borden

Best Table Topics Speaker: Jason Wong

Hong Tze Wei has completed his Competent Communication Manual

IPG1 Toastmaster of the Year

Area N6 Toastmaster of the Year

Division N Toastmaster of the Year


Mavericks Toastmasters of the Year

Area N1 Toastmaster of the Year

Terence Lee being installed as Area N6 Governor

Howard Chin being installed as Sergeant At Arms

Jasmine Tan being installed as Treasurer

Tan Leong Shen being installed as Secretary

Fiona Lam being installed as Vice President of Public Relations

Wayne Cheong being installed as Vice President of Education

Hong Tze Wei being installed as President

to be continued

Countdown 1 Day to DIv N Joint Installation Dinner!