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Word Of The Day: Determine

Best Table Topic Speaker: Terence Lee


I just received the packaging today.How about you ? It is interesting and great to see IPG1 Toastmasters Club listed in it as well….For members,feel free ask me to have a look^^

Great job on the District 51 Newsletter team for providing us such an informative and complied newsletter…. I am already waiting for the next issue!

GOGOGO!! Grab your seat now! !

Area N2 Humorous Speech Contest
Champion:Jerry Low
1st Runnerup: John Yeoh

Area N6 Humorous Speech Contest
Champion:K. Shankar
1st Runnerup: Ong Joo Jon

Area N2 Evaluation Contest
Champion: Chong Shih Jun
1st Runner Up:Jerry Low

Area N6 Evaluation Contest Result
Champion: Asha Suresh Chand
1st Runner Up: Kenneth Gan

Oracles Advanced Toastmasters Club

IPG1 Toastmasters Club

—Credits to June Lim—

2 Days to go !

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It is barely 2 days to go for Area N2 & N6 Joint Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. I would like to encourage every single on of you to attend our area contest as it will be an interesting contests as you can find all the GIANTS of Division N contesting here!

Word of the Day : Brave

Thought of the Day: Failure is the mother of success

It was a great and shocking experience for me to see so many guests attended our meeting until the room was packed.Great job on the members for taking the initiative to promote the benefits of toastmasters

Oh Chai Wen being TOD

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Kee Hung with his cc 1 speech

Hong Yin with her cc 1 speech

Howard with his cc 4 speech

Leong Shen with his cc 4 speech

Fiona with her evaluation

Audience being attentive

Jerry with his evaluation