31st October: Passion! Passion! Passion!

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Word of the Day:Desire
Best Table Topic Speaker: Tan Leong Shen

Division N Governor,CC,ALS Koay Kah Hin addressing the audience

IPP CC,CL Oh Chai Wen looked so happy to receive the PDC award for last term

TM Tan Leong Shen receiving souvenir for being an outstanding member for the club

“In order to make friends,we must remember Smile!!”

“Dota:Defense of the Ancient!!!”

2 birthday boy with the birthday cake

Hong Yin being table topic master for the 1st time !!

Jian Hao,our guest trying out table topics speech

“I believe that you can be better if ….”

“This is how we sing sha la la la la….”

“Remember to use original manual ar!! “

Brian with his table topic evaluation

TM Tan Leong Shen receiving Best Table Topic Speaker gift

New member Thomas Voon being inducted into the family


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